Curari (Codenamed PIXYZ)

PIXYZ or "PI to the power XYZ" is an application that provides the convergence of Security Management & Building Management. Used largely in highly secure centres, PIXYZ provides a great deal of automated actions along with intuitive messages and camera feeds allowing the security user to ascertain a threat will very little user intervention. The system caters for integration to hardware and software to subscribe to common industry protocols. Custom integration using 3rd Party SDK's for non-standard integrations, is also available.

Spectari (Codenamed IRISS)

IRISS or Integrated remote intelligent site surveillance is a system specifically developed for remote surveillance. The system is configured to protect and monitor remote small-to-medium- sites,where an on-site control room is not an option or an on-site reaction team is not possible. The system consists of numerous technologies engineered and adapted for this type of application.


Through the need to find cellphones in prisons, a locally made cellphone detector is available through Integritron Integrated Solutions. The detector scans local bands to detect whether a cell phone in in use. Combined with the Curari product, the area of detection can be pin-pointed and can effectively be monitored/controlled by the proper authorities.


Cellsense allows the rapid and easy scanning of large numbers of people. Combined with its portability, this provides highly effective screening without disrupting the routines and schedules of security points and so saves time, manpower and cost by being a passive detector.


VoIP (Voice of IP) has become an effective protocol for use in mainstream IT for the transport of voice. The VoIP server can become a cost deterrent and for this reason, and this is why we have created a cost effective VoIP Solution that is SIP capable.


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